Target Shooting

Once cadets have completed the required Weapon Handling Training and passed a Weapon Handling Test for the relevant type of rifle, they have the opportunity to attend Live Firing Marksmanship Training (LFMT).

This means that they attend a live firing shooting range practice on a suitable MOD range such as the 25m Barrack Range at RAF Boulmer.  All Live Firing Marksmanship Training sessions are tightly controlled; cadet and adult staff safety and welfare are our primary concern.

To ensure the highest standards of safe range operation, live firing ranges are operated and managed by MOD/RAF qualified Range Conducting Officers.  For safety reasons, range practices have to be tightly controlled and strict environments.  However, the primary purpose of the activity is for the cadets to have fun and learn how to target shoot effectively.

Live firing can be split into two categories:  Service Shooting and Target Shooting.  Cadets have the opportunity to get involved in both Service Rifle and Target shooting in the ATC.

Cadets have the opportunity to participate in shooting award schemes; they are required to shoot various different practices to qualify for marksmanship awards.  Any of the awards can be achieved on any of the weapons that the cadets have the opportunity to shoot.